Thursday, 10 January 2013

What to do when you feel under the weather

Everyone hates being ill. It feels like your body is failing you. The worst part is that you probably still have things to do, and these things won’t just stop just because you’re not feeling right. That’s the reason most people ignore whatever their body is telling them about their health and forge ahead only to complicate things. Our bodies talk to us. It tells us when it needs food, when it needs to rest, when it needs attention. It’s true that we are not ruled by our bodies, but we need to learn not only to master our bodies, but also to listen to it.
When you feel ill, these are things I’ve found to help: Rest, hydrate, be positive, accept God’s healing. Use that period to rest yourself, do not push yourself past your limit to breaking point, it would only lengthen the recovery time and ruin your day. Rest your body and your mind. Hydrate yourself, Takes lots of fluids, water can be very therapeutic, it’ll help prevent dehydration which could lead to fatigue. And be positive; see it as an opportunity to give yourself some attention. Think positive things about your health. Being ill can really play with a person's mind. If you even try to Google your symptoms, Lord, the things that would come up can scare you to death. That's why I avoid checking it. You have to keep your spirits up no matter what. Be positive. See yourself getting better. And if you’re faced with a health problem that requires you take some medication, please take your meds. Don’t wait for someone to pin you down and force you to do the right things for yourself, take good care of yourself.
Being ill is not God’s plan for us. Sickness plays with our minds, makes us less productive, unhappy and vulnerable. Why would God want that for us? So, we need to know God’s plan for our health. Then we walk according to that plan. That doesn’t mean that the devil won’t tempt you with a little headache or flu or something even worse. When he does, defeat him by being positive and thankful to God still. Accept that good health is your inheritance from God and walk with that.

“By His stripes we are healed”… Isaiah 53:5b

What do you do when you feel ill?

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