Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Gratitude, The best remedy

Life would not always hand you what you want. But on the road to getting what you want whining and complaining don't make very good travel buddies. I have met people that complained about almost everything, they had the ability to see the negative in every situation. This attitude never brought a solution, it only seemed to attract more things to complain about. These people end up feeling sad, frustrated, bitter and alone. No matter what anyone did it never seemed to measure up to what they wanted. I have come to discover that gratitude is an amazing remedy for a heavy heart. If you could just switch yourself from a frequency of complaining to one of gratitude, you would attract more things to be grateful for, you would see beauty all around you. Be grateful for whatever you have, and for the once you don't have be grateful still beyond the odds. Gratitude felt should also be expressed, that way the happiness that comes from it can flow into other people's lives. On that note, I want to say "Thank you for reading this".


  1. beautiful piece, people need to be reminded of things like this every now and then. Keep it coming.

    1. Thanks. I'm happy you were inspired