Thursday, 3 January 2013

Leaders make decisions

Your life is a result of the decisions you have made. Every decision turned the rudder of your life boat that has brought you to this point. Sometimes we face big decisions; where to go to school, what course to major on, who to marry, what to do for a living. Every decision whether big or small has come together to shape your life. If you decide to ignore the state of things in your life and do nothing, that in itself is a decision. and whatever consequence come after a decision, you have to live with it. Leaders make decisions. They analyze things and make quick decision. Bare in mind that being slow to decide can also affect the outcome of your decision. So put some thought into your decision but remember that time is an important factor. If you take forever to propose to the girl you love, you might just loose her. If you delay in deciding to start up you own business, factors and trends would change, and an environment that was once conducive might become hostile for start up.
Making decisions also involes taking a risk. To the best of your ability you might be able to forsee the outcome of your decision, but you can never fully predict what would come along the way or how they will shape up the final result. So always know that there might be some variables. Good leaders know this and are will to be brave enough to still make the tough but calculated decisions for their lives and their business.
What decisions are you facing right now?  Prayerfully decide.


  1. Some decisions are tough. And sometimes it is better to take your time and think it through instead of rushing into a decision just for the fear of being indecisive.

    1. It is a good idea to think things through. But always know that time is also a part of the decision. But don't decide in a hast just to decide.