Friday, 25 January 2013

Each and Everyday I must...

Each and everyday I must...

  • Be thankful

  • Be happy

  • Help people around me

  • Smile to strangers

  • Say something kind to people

  • Be nice to the people around me

  • Set aside some time to do something I love

  • Appreciate the people around me

  • Appreciate the gifts around me

  • Challenge myself with new task
  • Laugh if something is funny and not care about whose watching

  • Talk to God

  • Show God I love Him

  • Show my family I love them

  • Pause during my day to breathe, mediate and get back on track

  • Touch a life a make it better

  • Spread joy to people

  • Fuel my passion

  • Work on making my dreams a reality

  • Eat right and take good care of me

  • Be confident

  • Live in the present to create a better future

  • Celebrate my achievements

  • Celebrate others and their achievements

  • Be positive

“Each day I must LIVE to the fullest”
“I have come that they may have life and have it more abundantly”… John 10:10

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