Monday, 25 March 2013


Emotions…Hmmm. I know they can be very tricky. Some people hate when they feel emotional, and some other people pride themselves in feeling emotional, and they allow themselves to be all over the place. Our emotions are a part of us. You can ignore it, bottle it up or try to run away from it, but they will always be a part of you. There are different types of emotions; some empower us and others drain us. Both types are useful, it all depends on how we choose to see them.
Emotions can be so overwhelming sometimes that they could drive people to destructive behaviors, like drug abuse, wild partying and so many other reckless behaviors just to over indulge in them or to get away from them. And yet some emotions make people selfless and dedicated. 

Our thoughts control our emotions, and our thoughts are within our control. You can decide what to feel and also what to do with what you feel. Don’t believe me? As you’re sitting down reading this right now, decide to be happy, put a smile on your face, put a happy thought in your mind like a cute baby holding your finger and smiling or something funny you saw on television (whatever it is, make sure it is a happy thought), and fight every other urge or temptation to feel anything contrary to happiness. If you do this right, for a brief moment whilst you are consciously trying to be happy, you will feel happiness. 

You need to use this huge part of who you are as an asset and not your enemy. If you feel sad, or angry or disappointed, this is yourself trying to convey a message to you. The message could be that someone has crossed a line you have fixed, or you did not perform to your expectation. Either way, our emotions communicate to us what is going on on the inside. We need to listen to it, take actions to amend where we can and live happy lives. By listening to your emotions you understand yourself better, you get to know more about what drives you and what inhibits you. It helps you harness the power within you to do better work.
Do not try to ignore you emotions or run away from it. You cannot run away from yourself. Face whatever you are feeling and be better because of it. Deal with the negative emotions and learn what the message is. Enjoy the positive emotions, share them with people.

Emotions help you live an exciting life. Jesus allowed His emotions in His ministry. It was recorded that He was moved with compassion when He saw people suffering. He was moved to tears when He saw His friends mourning the death of their brother. He was moved with sorrow when His death was approaching. He is a God that sympathizes with our weakness (including emotions) because He felt them too and He understands. His emotions enabled Him live His purpose while on earth. He harnessed ALL of His emotions, both pleasant and unpleasant. Our emotions can do the same for us, if we harness them.