Sunday, 6 January 2013

Free Spirit

Freedom... Do you know what it means to be truly free. Some people think it means that you do not follow any rules, and you play by your own rules. But is that truly free? Have you ever felt free? In a time when we have work to do, spouses to take care of, children to take to school and feed, rent to pay and other things to pay for. It really feels like a lot of shackles right? But some people have these things, and even more and are still free spirits. How do you become free? Do you quit your job and then choose to ignore every consequence of your actions? That won't make you free, that would just make you irresponsible. But we all crave freedom, to have no weight on us, to be in a state where we feel like we are on a cloud with nothing to rain on our parade.

A truly free spirit is a spirit that is not controlled by the laws of this world. I don't mean the laws of the government, I mean the other laws of this world. The laws that work against you. The laws of failure, pain and every other law that tries to bring you down. True freedom come from God. He makes us truly free. Everyone must have order in their lives, if you don't, things will be chaotic. That is why people that choose to live according to "Their selfish rules" are chaotic. God gives us freedom. In fact He gave us freedom when Jesus was resurrected. A freedom that comes from a life in Him. And He guides us with His words so that we don't get hurt. He empowers us with His presence so that we don't get lost or taken advantage of.

Have you ever been given an amazing news, a news so good that you just wanted to dance, scream and cry at the same time. It is an amazing feeling. What if you felt that way everyday? What if every moment you felt like dancing and not caring who was watching? It would be amazing right? Well, that's how God intended we be. Free, excited, happy, positive regardless of the situations we faced, regardless of the responsibilities we had.
"Now The Lord is Spirit and where there is the Spirit of the Lord there is freedom".... 2 Corinthians 3:17

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