Friday, 4 January 2013

I love me

Love is a very powerful force. Love is more than a mere emotions. It is a commitment, a commitment to be there for someone and to help that person be all that they can be. You decide to love a person, and then give them the gift of your love. This is where a lot of people get it wrong. This is also one of the reason relationships and marriages end. People wake up one day and they don't feel in love anymore, so they abandon ship. But love goes beyond feelings. You choose to still love even when the person is on your last nerve. You love in your good days and in your bad days, because you know you are committed. 1 Corinthians 13:4-13 is the best description of the qualities of TRUE love. And in verse 8, It says, "Love never fails". Meaning it never ends. That's for true love. Love is so powerful that it can change a person.

But I digress, my purpose of this is not to discuss the qualities of love. I mentioned that love is a gift. But you cannot give a gift that you do not have. If you do not have love, you cannot give it. But God has given us His love, so we do have love. His beautiful amazing, vast, and unmerited kind of love. And the Bible says that we should love our neighbors as ourselves (Mark 12:31). So, if you do not love yourself you cannot love anyone else. It is out of our love for ourselves that we are able to live in love. If you treat yourself well, you will treat other people well too. If you're good at pampering yourself, you will pamper others too. But if you feel bitter and unappreciative of your life, you will not be able to exude love. Love begins from you. Love everything about yourself, your skin tone, your eyes, your heritage, your hair, even love the things that you feel uncomfortable about you. Understand this, God made every one perfect and beautiful. He would not change a thing about you. If He wanted to, He would have. But the world has defined what is beautiful and what is worthy of love to us, and sometimes we feel like we don't measure up. We feel like we're not beautiful enough, rich enough, we don't have the right clothes or the time, or we were born in the wrong country. None of that matters. Love is not limited by any of that. Look at yourself as a masterpiece, and learn to appreciate you, and love yourself, be good to yourself, treat yourself with respect.

Loving yourself does not mean you become vain or selfish or set in your ways. It means that you learn to show compassion to yourself and then from that point, to others. It means that because of the love you have for yourself you make sacrifices for people just like you would yourself. It also means that you would be willing to develop yourself, your gifts, talents and potential because you love yourself and don't want to see your life go to waste. And when you're willing to be the best you out of love, you can be the best you for everyone else. You cannot have a healthy relationship or the best of life if you hate yourself. If you do not love yourself, you will not know how to accept and cherish true love because you cannot see the reason anyone would love you, because you can't see it. You are not accustomed to that kind of love, so you do not know how to accept it. You will be in a constant state of doubt. And that negative emotion will destroy the relationship. But when you are given an abusive and fake kind of love, you accept it because that is the type you show yourself and that is what you feel you deserve. Learn to love yourself, and that will teach you how to treat others.

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