Sunday, 3 February 2013


“I’m tired”, “I’ll do it tomorrow”, “it’s really not my thing”. “I’m not qualified”. “It looks hard”.” It looks impossible”. “The timing isn’t right”. “I don’t have enough resources”. So so many excuses. Excuses prevent us from ceasing the moment. We miss out on opportunities when we put off till some other time something we should do right now. You can always find a reason not to do what you need to do; you don’t even need to search too hard.

It’s time to start a no more excuse movement. Every day comes with opportunities for growth and development in our lives and we need to accept them and give them our best. Growth does not come by staying in the same spot in our lives; we need to keep moving forward. When you want something bad enough you’ll know, because that’s the point you stop all the excuses and get to work. Success is for the people that do and get things done. Whatever it is you have been putting off, if it is something worth doing, something positive, something productive, you need to get to it.

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