Sunday, 24 February 2013

No Regrets; Just Lessons

Life will deal you lessons as often as possible, and the lessons are repeated until learned. So it’s better to learn it right the first time. There are moments in everyone’s life that they would love to change; details that they wished could be altered to create a better experience. One thing is for sure, the past can’t be changed; However we can change our perception of the past, we can also change the present and the future. The lessons from the past should enable us live a better present and create a better future. I don’t like having regrets in my life. Sure there are moments I play differently in my head, but it still does not change what has happened. So I always try to learn the lessons that are necessary for me to put it behind me and become a better person. 

Do not carry regrets with you. If you do, life will give you another course of the same lessons that you need to learn. Do not allow the hurtful experiences you have been through go in vain, learn from them and if you can, pass the lesson along. Regret is a horrible travel buddy, it would weigh you down. Regrets create boundaries for you, they make you afraid to take risk and to live.  Let go of regrets, forgive yourself of every mistake in your past, forgive the mistakes of others and move on. Let every experience be a lesson for you. No regrets.

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