Sunday, 17 February 2013


They come in different forms. Sometimes they are situations that come to take our attention and mind of certain things. And sometime they are people. They could be anything. Some distractions are needed. A needed distraction basically gives us a wake up call and brings us back to earth and helps us stay grounded. But most distractions just divide our attention and cause disaster, they usually just take us of course for a while, making us loose time and energy and sometimes much more. It’s difficult identifying a distraction, because they can tend to seem so important. It is only when we try to get back on course that we realize how distracted we’ve been.

Let me give a specific example. Every year people make resolutions, they get very serious at the beginning. Half way through the year most of them would have abandoned project. It’s not because they did not want it, but they probably got distracted, or lost interest, or changed course. But distractions do a lot of damage to our career, our relationship, marriage, and basically our lives. Marriages end because of distractions. A relationship takes two focused and committed people to make it work. Love is important but it has to come with other qualities that hold it together. Now if either one of the partner gets distracted by something else like a person, a new task at work or a new plan, it can give the relationship a hit if the other person is neglected because of new interest. I’m not saying new interest should not be formed, I’m always up for something new and daring, but before you form new interest always check the price tag and make sure you can afford it. If you are a student and you get distracted from your studies, you will probably not do as well as you would have if you were focused. Distraction prevents you from giving your best to your commitment.

When Jesus was human on earth, He gave no room for distractions. He knew His purpose and He was so focused. Everything He did was to accomplish what He came to do which was to bring salvation to us and reconcile humanity to God. Distractions did come to Him, but He never gave into them. Focus is required for us to live right. If we ever want to accomplish anything we need to be absolutely focused. If we are not we would be unable to finish whatever we start.

Now here’s what to do, prioritize. Decide for yourself what is important to you. Make yourself aware of the things that are not to be compromised in your life. The people that are important to you. Distractions are usually temporary and very enticing but their effects are long felt and terrible.
Check yourself, are you distracted?

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