Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Make it a masterpiece

People ascribe different metaphors to life. I have heard “Life is a gift”, “Life is a stage”, “Life is a mystery”, “Life is a movie”, “Life is a journey”, and at different times we may describe our lives with different metaphors. But for now let us look at life as a movie. You have different characters, different plot twist, and an ending. Some movies are exciting and some are boring. If you were given creative control over your life, what would you make of it? Would you keep people at the edge of their seats as the hero faces the bad guy? Would you make your audience fall in love with the beauty of the romance that unfolds? Would you scare them as the hero takes big risk that could yield great returns of disaster? Would you fill their hearts with awe at the breath taking sites visited? What would you make of it? You are the leading character in the story of your life; everyone else is just playing a supporting role. You could decide to turn some of the cast members into main characters, even leading men or ladies. 
I see God as the story writer, the great author, and He has written the best story possible, packed with adventures, thrills, excitement, love, beauty. “For I know the thoughts I think towards you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope”… Jeremiah 29:11. But in the story of your life, you are the director. You are responsible for how each scene plays out. You can choose to direct your life into His story or you can direct it in any other way that you please, it is your choice. You can make it epic, or boring. You set the stage, or at least work well with the one you have been given. You get to make the most or the very least of each scene. You have creative control, so make it a masterpiece. And at the end when the curtain comes down, I pray that you get an applause, not just on earth, but in heaven too.

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